Taliban fighters with rocket launchers filmed working out in Presidential gym – VIDEO

Afghanistan: Taliban take over gym at presidential palace

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The disturbing video circulating on social media shows a host of fighters on running machines, weight machines and even lifting dumbells. At one point a fighter can even be seen running backwards on a cross trainer while another struggles to lift a set of weights. The strange footage comes as more videos emerge of Taliban fighters present in public spaces across Afghanistan following their lightning takeover of the country.

The men dressed in their traditional Shalwar Kameez can be heard laughing as they run around the gym trying out different bits of equipment.

Fighters can then be seen attempting to do exercises on fly machines while speaking in their local tongue.

And in a bizarre moment, the camera turns to one fighter who appears to have an RPG launcher strapped to his back.

While another man can be seen attempting exercise on a bench as the men work out what each bit of equipment does.

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The peculiar footage is reportedly from the presidential palace’s gym but this has not been confirmed.

It comes as more footage begins to emerge of the Taliban as the terror group seizes Afghanistan.

Yesterday, another video circulating online appeared to show the Taliban on dodgems at a theme park.

In the creepy footage, only men can be seen enjoying the dodgems as they charge around at a theme park in Afghanistan.

Taliban spokesman: Anything against Islam will not be accepted

The Taliban are now in control of Afghanistan following a lightning offensive that sent President Ashraf Ghani reportedly fleeing to neighbouring Tajikistan while the army retreated.

The group today appeared at a press conference in Kabul as they outlined to the world how they intend to run Afghanistan going forward.

Speaking at the conference, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid explained the country will be run under strict Islamic customs, he said: “Islam is important in Afghanistan and anything against Islam will not be accepted!”

He went on to say: “All will have rights under the umbrella of Islam. We want the world to trust us so we can work for the betterment of the Afghan people.

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“Afghanistan has got some national ethics, national tradition and nobody will be allowed in Afghanistan to interfere in these things.”

Under the Taliban’s rule from 1996-2001, the group enforces were based on a strict interpretation of Sharia Law where women’s access to education and work was curtailed and public punishment including stoning to death and executions were commonplace.

The group denies that it wants a return to this kind of governance in Afghanistan stating it seeks a “genuine Islamic system” in Afghanistan.

But speaking to the BBC on Sunday, Suhail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban in Qatar, did not dismiss the possibility of the return of these practices, he said: “I can’t say right now, that’s up to the judges in the courts and the laws. The judges will be appointed according to the law of the future government.”

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