Taliban going door-to-door in hunt of Christians after Afghan killed for owning a bible

Taliban 'going door to door' to search for Christians

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The Taliban have sought to portray themselves as a moderate and reasonable regime, compared to their past rule in Afghanistan. However, there are growing fears that thousands of Afghan Christians will face brutal persecution at the hands of the Taliban. There are already reports of Taliban fighters “going door to door” in search of Christians.

Andrew Boyd, a UK spokesman for Release International, told GB News that “these are the days of the long knives in Afghanistan among the religious minorities, including the Christians”.

Release International is a leading international watchdog that monitors and reports persecution of Christians around the world.

Mr Boyd said: “Christians lived in hiding before the Taliban came to power. We are talking about an invisible group of people who are hidden because they have to be.

“To become a Christian in Afghanistan is an act of apostasy punishable by death, imprisonment or deportation.”

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He continued: “Since the Taliban came to power, it has become even more firebrand. Christians are in fear of their lives.

“There have been reports that the Taliban have been going door to door looking not only for people who worked with the government but people who profess the Christian faith.

“There is a number among the Shia Hazara community who have become Christians.

“The Taliban have been checking their phones to check if there are any bibles downloaded onto their phones.

“We have a report that at least one Hazara has been killed as a result of this.”

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He cited one 16-year-old girl who told Release International: “People are terrified, everyone is scared and afraid of the Taliban.

“I’m crying out to God right now, someone please help us.”

There is a small Christian minority in Afghanistan that practices its faith in secret, according to an April report from Norway’s Country of Origin Information Centre.

The number of Christians in the country is thought to be below 20,000.

Converting someone to Christianity in Afghanistan was illegal even prior to the Taliban’s takeover.


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There are other reports of Taliban persecution of religious monitories, with Amnesty International reporting evidence of Taliban killings, detentions and intimidation.

Claims have also emerged of Taliban fighters torturing and killing Shia Hazara members in the village of Mundarakht.

Agnès Callamard, the head of Amnesty International, said the brutality of the killings was “a reminder of the Taliban’s past record and a horrifying indicator of what Taliban rule may bring”.

Christian Nellemann, who leads the RHIPTO Norwegian Center for Global Analyses, warned that there could be mass executions for those “on the Taliban’s blacklist”.

Khaled Beydoun, an associate law professor at Wayne State University, said: “The Hindu, Christian, Shia and Sikh populations of Afghanistan will suffer immensely.”

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