Teen sent rent reminder after police kept murdered mum’s house a crime scene

A grieving teen was gobsmacked after he received a £79 demand for rent on his murdered mum’s council house.

Jack Aaron, 18, received a letter from Stoke-on-Trent City Council invoicing him for £79.39 on the property his murdered mum had lived in.

The teen’s mum, Nicola Bray, was found dead in suspicious circumstances at her address in Cliffe Vale back in August 2019, StokeOnTrentLive reports.

Police launched an investigation into her death and combed the house for clues for 10 days after Nicola’s death as it was initially treated as a murder.

Furious Jack immediately called Stoke On Trent Council to dispute the bill, but he was told he would have to pay.

Opening up about his mum’s death, Jack said he and his mum got on “very well” and said she was extremely “kind and caring.”

He said: “She was lovely, kind and caring. We got on so well even though she had her struggles.

"We still don't really know what happened. The police have told me very little.

"I'm coping quite well, I feel fine in myself most of the time. In the daytime when I'm at my nan's or with friends I'm OK. It's when I go back to my flat that it really hits that my mum's not here anymore."

He added: "I was at my friend's house when I got a call from my nan saying she thought my mum might be dead. I got a taxi up to her house and saw all the police.

"It was such a shock. Her body was found at 10.30am and it was 2pm before the detective called me. It was too late, I was already there. I found out through mum's neighbours.

"As soon as the police had finished their investigation 10 days later, they gave me back the key. I then went into the house for literally 10 minutes.

"I had a little look around and grabbed some of my mum's things. I wanted to have some mementos. I got the pictures I wanted and left. I then handed over the keys to the council.

"She died in that house and they're chasing me for the money? They kept saying it's because I hadn't given the keys to the property back but the police were investigating her death. I couldn't exactly go and get the keys off them. I'm fuming.

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Stoke On Trent Council have since reversed the claim, and apologised to Jack for any upset the letter has caused.

In a statement, a spokesman said: “We wholeheartedly apologise to Mr Aaron for any upset this letter has caused.

"As the tenancy did not legally end until August 23, a letter requesting payment of the outstanding rent was issued.

"After reviewing the case and in light of the circumstances, we have, of course, waived the outstanding rent.”

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