Teen shooter pretended to be cop to lure terrified students from hiding spot

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A school shooter claimed he was a police officer in an attempt to confuse terrified pupils, according to new reports.

Three teenagers were killed and eight injured when a gunman unleashed a shocking attack on Oxford High School in Michigan, United States on Tuesday.

Terror-stricken staff and students fled the building after gunshots were heard about 12.55pm local time, while others hid inside their lockers until police arrived.

FOX 2 reported a parent saying the assailant had been banging on classroom doors and telling students inside that he was from the sheriff's office, in an apparent ploy to lure them outside.

Her child survived after climbing through a window to escape.

In shocking footage posted on TikTok later, a group of cowering schoolkids can be seen discussing the situation amongst themselves as a voice says from the door: "Sheriff's office, it's safe to come out."

When a sceptical pupil replies by saying "we're not willing to take that risk right now", the voice says "come to the door and look at my badge, bro."

His use of the term 'bro' seems to confirm the suspicions of the students, with one of them exclaiming "that's a red flag" as the group begins a mad scramble out of the window.

The kids then run across a snowy courtyard before eventually meeting an armed policeman, who says "slow down, you're fine".

It's not clear if the voice was the active shooter, as police have not confirmed these reports.

A 17-year-old student at Oxford High School named Savannah told local media that she had received a text message from her boyfriend during the incident which confirmed that something was going on.

She said: "We locked the doors, there's this closet in the classroom, so it was very safe in the classroom, in the back corner," she said, adding she heard the gunshots.

"I feel like (we got out) about 30 minutes later, the police knocked on the door so we were able to get out."

She also revealed that staff and students had previously been given 'active shooter' training, which has been rolled out across educational institutions in the United States in response to rising numbers of gun attacks.

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