Teenage Red Bull addict collapsed with heart cramps after drinking 12 cans a day

A self-confessed Red Bull addict who drinks 12 cans of the energy drink per day has been admitted to hospital after she collapsed at her school after suffering from heart cramps.

Mascha K, 17, from Zurich, Switzerland was admitted to hospital after she collapsed at the vocational training school last Wednesday, 15th September.

After the teen, who works as an apprentice in the health sector, collapsed, a friend called a taxi, which took her to the emergency room of the Winterthur Cantonal Hospital, where doctors told her she needs to cut down.

Mascha posted a short clip of herself on TikTok lying in her hospital bed along with some pictures of Red Bull cans captioned: "Don't enjoy it too much."

News site Blick reports that the teen explained that after telling the doctors that she often drinks as many as two dozen cans of the energy drink per day, the doctors were taken back and asked her: "Why do you think you collapsed?"

They then told her that her Red Bull addiction had landed her in hospital and that if she did not stop, she was likely to be back before long.

Mascha gave more details about her addiction, saying she started drinking the energy drink in large quantities when she started working.

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She said: "It started with a cigarette and a Red Bull in the morning, then during every break, after work and in the evening with colleagues."

The teen claims she has since cut down to just one or two cans of the energy drink, but she claims that not drinking them has given her a 'comedown'.

She said: "You only notice that you are drinking too much of it when it is already too late."

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