Teens go viral on TikTok for vids about uncanny resemblance to Madeleine McCann

It's been 14 years since Madeleine McCann went missing, and over the years there have been so many theories about where she is and if she is still alive.

However, one conspiracy has become a trend on the popular video app, TikTok, as creators speculate that she could be living out someone else's life not knowing she is the most famous missing child in the world – and some teenage girls even think they could be her.

The girls, who are around the age Maddie would be now, have shared their childhood photos that bare an uncanny resemblance to the missing youngster.

A few even share her supposedly rare eye condition, known as a Coloboma, that causes slight discolouration in the eye.

The most popular one of all posted by @user000503200700, has over four million views and sees a girl claim she was on a family holiday around 30 minutes away from Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007.

The blond teen bears the unique eye mark and has childhood photos where she looks eerily similar to Maddie.

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Some commenters have encouraged the anonymous TikToker to “get a DNA test now” and “contact Maddie’s family."

However, others have said it’s “sick” and asked, “why would someone joke about this?”.

In another video, by @emily10.1 she claims her family own an apartment where Maddie disappeared and posts a picture of herself aged three – again with a very similar appearance to Maddie.

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In fact, she looked so much like her that her family was stopped at the airport and questioned for proof that she wasn't the daughter of Gerry and Kate McCann.

Commenters asked 'but what if you're her?' and said 'you do look identical though,' however, others pointed out that she doesn't have the eye condition so it couldn't be her.

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A Leeds graduate named Harriet Brookes posted to TikTok about how she went viral on Twitter three years ago because of her resemblance to Maddie, and how she was widely criticised in the media for saying she could be her.

Her Twitter post showed her chatting with friends in a group chat as she shared childhood pics that showed how similar they look and a close up of a brown mark in her eye similar to Maddie's and a freckle on her leg.

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According to her video, her story appeared across news sites with a quote from the message saying 'I'm Madeleine McCann' which lead her to get death threats, while others believed she could be right.

Speaking to The Tab, she said: "I’m loving reading people’s reactions. I feel like so many people are taking it seriously. I got a message from some girl saying she was going to skin me. She said I'm "twisted." I've also had jokey ones from people saying 'your parents are worried'."

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A TikTok user called @Squids_recovery had commenters saying 'please no' after she posted saying she went on holiday to Portugal around the time of Maddie's disappearance but has hardly any recollection of it.

She said her family also have no baby pictures of her under the age of three and she has been told of the years to dye her hair brown.

But users were mainly concerned that it was becoming a trend on the app and begged people not to do it out of respect for the family.

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  • “On which planet is this considered funny?” one asked. “No my name is not Karen. This is inappropriate bye.”

    Another commented: “I don’t think you even slightly know how much pain you would cause her parents if they saw this claiming you are their missing child. Really sad.”

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