Terrified teacher willing to pay human traffickers to get out of Kabul

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An Afghan-born English teacher currently stuck in Taliban ruled Kabul says he is 'fearing for his life' and 'considering paying human traffickers' to escape following a reported suicide bombing in Kabul airport.

The terrified teacher was due to go to the airport today in an attempt to flee the country – but luckily a friend warned him that he shouldn't make the trip due to an imminent bomb threat.

Kabul Airport was earlier rocked by multiple explosions and gunfire, with eye witness reports stating that there are numerous injured civilians and soldiers.

A Taliban spokesman has confirmed at least 13 people have died of their injuries. Tragically that death toll is expected to rise.

The English teacher, who hasn't been named for his safety, told Daily Star that he does not feel safe in Kabul and has had to hide identification documents from the Taliban numerous times.

"I don't feel safe. It's really a bad situation," he said.

"Yesterday, Taliban came to our avenue and searched some houses. I hid all of my documents and I mostly use a simple phone.

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"The day before yesterday they stopped me and searched my pocket and asked for my location."

The scared teacher has been trying to leave the country for two weeks and has reached out for help from 'every possible avenue'.

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He is now considering using the risky strategy of human trafficking.

"Human traffickers are so costly but no one is helping me.

"I have contacted MPs in the UK and they said they would help me, but nothing has happened. I have no choice but to pay a human trafficker."

Human traffickers working in Afghanistan reportedly take customers to safer roads the more they pay.

"The border police also take bribes," the teacher told us.

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He added: "Either you pass by giving bribes or sneaking into a dangerous road. There are options for you to take."

A financial crisis is taking hold of Afghanistan and the teacher claims people will soon be running completely out of money.

"I think this situation will get worse. People have savings right now but when that runs out it is the beginning of catastrophe," he said.

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"The price of food has increased and American dollars are very scarce."

This afternoon, two explosions reportedly took place near Baron Hotel, on the edge of Hamid Karzai International Airport in what a representative of the US military described as "a complex attack".

The building was predominantly being used by the British military, but no members are thought to have been inside.

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