Tesco re-opens ‘non-essential’ areas which had been cordoned off from shoppers

Tesco has re-opened sections of its stores containing "non-essential" items after barricading them off from shoppers.

Multi-level stores had closed off access to clothes, toys, homeware and electrical goods with walls of Lynx Africa, tinsel and chocolates.

Now those levels have been reordered to open across England.

This comes just weeks after a store in Wales, who went into a "fire-break lockdown" before England, cordoned off feminine products like tampons and sanitary wear.

In a bid to vent their frustration, shoppers took to Twitter.

One wrote: "Seriously what is going on? Tesco has started to section off 'non essential' areas of their stores like the lunatics in Wales, why?

"We'll just shop on-line or elsewhere."

While another admitted to getting their goods from Asda instead, which were still selling all their products.

Asda explained it is "not required to cordon off any aisles" and can continue to sell its usual range of products as it was deemed an essential retailer.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: "Our mezzanine levels are now open again for customers in all our stores.”

But the demand for online deliveries is now in even higher demand therefore Tesco has more than doubled its slots to 1.5 million per week.

A spokesperson added: "There's still high demand for our online service, so we’d encourage you to shop in-store if you’re able to do so, where we have a number of safety measures in place.

"To help more people shop in-store at times that are quieter or more convenient, we've extended the opening hours in many of our shops, although the majority remain closed overnight.

"We've more than doubled the number of online slots to 1.5 million each week.

"This is to help anyone who's unable to shop in‐store – especially our most vulnerable customers – so they can access our online service."

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