The best and tastiest items from McDonalds menus around the world

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that there's a McDonald's in every corner of the globe.

With outlets in over 120 countries, the American fast food outlet feeds 68 million people a day – that's one percent of the world’s whole population!

While McDonald’s may not be the go-to meal in different parts of the world, the international menus still do an impressive job of bringing their local flavours and cuisines into the food items they have on offer.

From Masala dosa burger to taro pie and chocolate salami, here are 10 of McDonald's most surprising food combinations from different countries.

Bulgogi Burger

This pork burger which is special to South Korea has pork patties covered sweet, sticky bulgogi sauce.

There's a little lettuce and mayo and you can also add an egg in it and get it as a double — delicious!

Thai Green Curry Chicken Burger

One of the recent additions to McDonald’s Malaysia is the Thai Green Curry Chicken Burger.

The popular Thai item is a crispy chicken burger topped with lots of flavourful Thai green curry sauce and vegetable slaw in an oblong bun.

Masala Dosa Burger

This burger is a unique twist on the South Indian favourite masala dosa.

McDonald’s India has stuffed a burger with turmeric spiced mashed potato, pea patty and chutney to mimic the explosive flavours of the classic dish.

Taro Pie

China takes its own shot at the crunchy Apple pie with their taro pie.

Taro is a starchy vegetable which has a texture similar to mashed potatoes.

IT makes for a sweet treat when combined with a golden pie crust.

Nasi Lemak

Dubbed the unofficial national dish of Malaysia, nasi lemak is rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf.

It's served with fried anchovies, fresh cucumber and a fried or boiled egg.

The savoury meal comes with spicy sambal made from chillies, shallots,v c garlic and fried chicken.

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Chocolate Salami

Usually made by home cooks during Christmas, chocolate salami is the perfect pick-me-up awaiting dessert lovers in Italy.

Try out this dish made of crushed biscuits stirred into melted chocolate and moulded into sausage shape.


As if the crispy McDonald’s fries weren’t already good enough, McDonald’s Canada takes it a level further by serving them in a version of the country’s favourite dish, poutine.

They top the fries with cheese curds and rich gravy — its a comfort meal for you to dig into.

Quinoa Curry Burger

McDonald's Switzerland combines health with taste with a protein-rich, plant-based quinoa patty in a sesame bun with salad and curry sauce

Edi Burgers

Proving why seafood burgers are the star of McDonald’s Hong Kong, golden Edi Burgers are filled to the brim with crispy yet juicy shrimp patties, with a side of breaded fish fillet or pineapple.

Matcha Red Bean Layer Cake

With layered of matcha pancakes, matcha cream and red beans, this mouthwatering sweet treat from Hong Kong takes desserts at McDonald's to a new level.

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