Thief regrets nicking kickboxers car as fighter chases him off in his underwear

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The dramatic moment a man realised he'd chosen the wrong car to pinch tools out of has surfaced in a video that shows a kickboxer in his underwear chasing the terrified thief away.

Leighton Brady shared the hilarious moment on TikTok with the caption: "DON'T STEAL TOOLS FROM A TOE 2 TOE KICKBOXERS HOUSE. This thief had a kickboxing lesson for free."

The clip shows the hooded criminal with their head buried inside the boot of car rifling around for tools to steal on Leighton's driveway.

They settle on a couple of boxes before closing the boot and beginning to walk away, checking the door of another car on their way.

As they continue on their way, probably thinking it was a job well done, the footage shows them terrifyingly spin round in the direction of the house.

Which is when a scantily clad Leighton sprints out of the property towards the thief.

The robber instantly drops the stolen goods and bolts down the road out of shot as Leighton, wearing nothing but boxer shorts, sprints after them.

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CCTV catches the noises the pair's clash and it's clear that the amateur criminal is getting quite a beating out of shot.

A woman can be seen leaving the property a short while later seemingly checking where Leighton has gone.

In the footage, a car alarm can be heard going off at one point, which Leighton confirmed in the comments section was due to the thief slipping and hitting their head on it.

Commenting on the video, one person wrote: "Doesn’t matter how up for a fight you are if the other guy is sprinting around in just his boxers you gotta get out of there."

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Another added:"You could have dragged him back to the camera so we could see the beating."

And a third said: "That whimpering in the background is music to my ears."

Another joked: "The Mrs having a peek to see which emergency service was needed," to which another responded: "Police, ambulance or hearse [sic]."

Another added: "Mrs only came out to check you wasn't killing him."

Daily Star has contacted West Midlands Police for a comment.

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