Thieves strike three car dealerships, London police say

London police are investigating a series of break and enters and thefts at three London car dealerships.

Police confirm they are aware of similar thefts in the wider region as well and have alerted provincial groups the car dealerships are associated with, but would not say where.

Three used car dealerships were impacted: Southwest Auto Group on Wharncliffe Road S, 519 cars on Wharncliffe Road S and Titanium Auto LTD on Springbank Drive.

Because it is an ongoing investigation, police are not able to give any further details, but Moe Razak, operations manager at Titanium Auto LTD, said the break-in happened Sunday morning at 2:15 am.

“We got a call from our alarm company saying there was motion in the office and we looked at the camera and were able to see someone had smashed the front door.”

“This gang knew where all the vehicles were parked and had a very organized plan to steal some of the more expensive vehicles on our lot,” Mac Razak, business manger said.

Police recommend dealerships removing keys from the premises and disabling parked vehicles to deter any would-be thieves in the future.

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