Too close to call Macron facing election humiliation as Le Pen support surges

Eric Zemmour believes he can ‘defeat’ Emmanuel Macron

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The first round of voting for the 2022 French presidential election starts on April 10. As polling day draws nearer, surveys show the incumbent President faces a strong challenge from the far-right Marine Le Pen.

Now, a new poll from Datapraxis and YouGov shows that should the second round of voting be between Mr Macron and Ms Le Pen, it would come down to the wire.

If the pair go through to the April 24 vote, the pollsters hold Mr Macron is on 51 percent and Ms Le Pen is on 49 percent.

It marked a fall of three points for Mr Macron and a rise of three points for Ms Le Pen from Datapraxis and YouGov’s last poll on March 31.

While Mr Macron still leads by two percent, the margin of error for YouGov’s polls tends to be three percent.

Paul Hilder, founder and CEO of Datapraxis, remarked his company’s and YouGov’s is “too close to call”.

He said on Twitter: “Second round in France is now too close to call between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

“The republican front against the populist far-right is broken.

“This will be the best result ever for the far-right; and if Macron loses, he need only look in the mirror to find the main cause.”

Lewis Goodall, BBC Policy Editor for Newsnight, remarked: “The Republican Front has never looked more brittle.”

More social media users reacted to the run-off polling condemning Ms Le Pen’s history with Vladimir Putin.

In 2017, Ms Le Pen visited the Kremlin as part of her presidential campaign and backed Moscow’s 2014 annexation of Crimea.

Tom Harwood, GB News presenter, claimed: “While Putin is retreating in Ukraine, his ideas are advancing in France. Worrying.”

Actor Dan Stewart said: “Things looking ominous for Macron – and, you’d have to say, for Europe.”


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In addition, in the Datapraxis and YouGov poll held for the first round of voting, Mr Macron leads by only three percent.

The pollsters said Mr Macron is on 26 percent, and Ms Le Pen is on 23 percent, meaning they believe the pair are most likely to go through to the April 24 run-off vote.

Datapraxis and YouGov then said left-wing Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of a France Insoumise, is set for 16 percent of the first-round vote.

Éric Zemmour, leader of far-right Reconquête, is poling on 13 percent and Valérie Pécresse, president of the Regional Council
of Île-de-France, is polling on six percent.

Datapraxis and YouGov surveyed 1,783 French people, with 1,326 being voters, from April 4 to 7.

Mr Macron has launched an attack on “pro-Russian” Ms Le Pen days ahead of first-round voting.

On Wednesday, the current President responded to criticisms made by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who said Mr Macron was talking to Putin, and therefore “negotiating with criminals”.

Mr Macron said on French TV channel TF1: “Those words are both unfounded and scandalous, but they don’t surprise me.

“They are interfering in the presidential campaign. The Polish prime minister belongs to a far-right party and he supports Marine Le Pen.”

During a visit to Brittany on Tuesday, Mr Macron told reporters he’s not the one who has been “complacent” toward Putin nor “was funded by Russia”.

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