Top cartel expert in warning to Brit tourists – Dont go to Mexico right now

One of Mexico's biggest drugs cartels has issued an ominous warning to foreign tourists.

Writing on a hand-printed sign, dangling over the popular Tulum bazaar in Quintana Roo, the sign said: “Attention merchants of Tulum … this was a warning”

It refers to an incident last month where tourists were caught in the crossfire of a cartel war last month, and urges business owners in the area to keep paying “bribes” to the drug gangs.

It was signed by the Los Pelones gang.

The name of the gang means “the bald ones”.

The banner went viral on social media after local citizen groups posted the photos online.

This follows on from the gruesome discovery of the bodies of 10 people who were found hanging from a bridge in Mexico.

As we reported yesterday, the horrendous sight was found in the Mexican state of Zacatecas.

Nine of the bodies were found hanging, while one was found on a nearby motorway.

Local media suggests that the acts of violence were committed in apparent gang-related killings.

Earlier this week, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced the creation of a “tourist battalion”.

This will see 1,500 National Guard soldiers carrying automatic weapons being deployed onto the streets of Mexico, in an attempt to make it safe for tourists.

They will be sent out, starting next month, to the streets of Cancun – which is a popular tourist spot for Brits.

More men will be deployed to Tulum shortly after, too.

According to local media, and the New York Post, there could be as many as 10 drug cartels vying to control of Tulum, which is a seaside resort time.

And the bad news for Mexico didn't stop there, as the Government Defense Integrity Index was published this week, which shows that the country is at “very high risk” of corruption in its defense and security sectors.

It was ranked alongside Nigeria, Turkey and China in the second worst category.

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