Touching moment dog gives hungry stray cat its food after seeing it in garden

Heartwarming footage has emerged of a caring dog bringing food to his starving feline friend.

The dog's owner, known as Ms Fu, initially feared the pooch named Pudding might attack the cat when she saw him dropping a meat bun in front of it in the courtyard outside her house in Weifang, east China's Shandong province.

In the clip she shared on Douyin, China's TikTok equivalent, Pudding, wags his tail as he greets a small cat by the stairs in the garden.

Pudding patiently waits as he looks at the meat bun on the floor and looks up at the cat, as if to tell it to pick up the food.

The ginger cat refuses to put its guard down and stares at the pooch until it can't resist the food temptation.

The moggie takes a cautious bite on the bun and quickly scurries back up the stairs as its newfound friend watches.

Ms Fu was shocked to see her pet being kind-hearted to other animals.

She told Shanghai-based news outlet The Paper: "I caught the moment by chance. It happened in the courtyard outside our house on August 20.

"I was working downstairs that day when I heard our dog barking at the top of the steps. When I looked over, I saw it going to its kennel to fetch its meat bun, then it barked again.

"That’s when I noticed the cat at the top of the steps. I thought it was going to use the bun as bait in order to catch or fight the cat.

"I never imagined what happened next – our dog gave the meat bun to the cat."

She revealed that she had welcomed Pudding to her family two years ago and it has lived in the courtyard ever since.

"I was very touched by the moment, because our dog is a guard dog, and usually very protective of its food," Ms Fu added.

"The cat was scared and wouldn’t come down the steps, so our dog stood back and kept its distance, allowing the cat to approach."

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