Town hit by wildfire actually struck by space laser claim conspiracy theorists

When the small town of Lytton was ravaged by wildfires on 30 June, it destroyed almost everything in its path and blackened an area 9000 square feet in size.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated, but investigators believe it was man-made.

The fire broke out just five days after Lytton broke the record for Canada's highest temperature for three days in a row, reaching a scorching 49.5C.

The roaring fire tragically took two resident's lives.

Once the fire had finally been extinguished, a "shirtless grey-bearded man" broadcasted himself on Facebook Live spouting claims a 'giant laser' could have been the cause.

The suspicions were heightened when the theorist noticed that some trees had remained in tact despite the wide spread destruction.

The shirtless man broadcasting his theories was a "player in the Canadian conspiracy scene" and was a lead participant in the anti-mask movement at the beginning of the pandemic.

He went on to claim that cars that "aren't really flammable" were burnt out and the fruit on cherry trees no longer looked tasty.

The theory of 'space lasers' have been making the rounds since at least 2018.

Many theorists linked the 'space lasers' to the wildfire in the town of Camp that killed 85 people, as well as the deadly bushfires in Australia from 2019 to 2020.

Some people have referred to the conspiracists as 'climate crisis deniers', most popularly when Republican US Rep Marjorie Taylor Green pushed the 'space laser' theory as a cause for the California wildfires in 2018.

Speaking to VICE, a spokeswoman for the British Columbia Wildfire Service said she was 'aware of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Lytton blaze'.

She added that it was very common for fires to ignite randomly and leave pockets of untouched area among the destruction.

Investigators have not officially released what they believe created the blaze, but they have said it was likely man-made.

Social media users alleged that they saw sparks flying from a nearby train track before the Lytton fire broke out, The Independent reported.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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