Tragic dog tied to gate and abandoned with note from his desperate owners

A tragic terrier was left tied to the front gate of Dogs Trust Merseyside as his owners were 'unable to care for him anymore'.

Six-year-old Kilo was found with a handwritten note from his owners which told them his name and said they could not care for him any longer.

They had also seen fit to leave the Staffordshire Bull Terrier with his food and water bowls, reports LiverpoolEcho.

Devastatingly, Kilo's trust has been hot hard by his ordeal and now desperate Dogs Trust workers are trying to rebuild it.

Manager Georgina Lowery and Canine Carer Chris Furnell say that he is managing to gradually build a bond with the carers like Chris who are looking after him.

He's not yet ready to play with toys, but slowly he is starting to enjoy having a fuss made of him. His carers are more than confident that his true personality will soon begin to glow once more once he's back in a loving home.

Georgina Lowery, Dogs Trust Merseyside Manager, said: “It is so sad and shocking when this happens. We found him at around 5pm and we are just so grateful that he hadn’t managed to pull himself free, especially as we are near a busy road.

“He is a gorgeous boy but understandably a little nervous given what he has been through. As nobody has come forward to claim him he is now ready to find a new home.

“The fact that Kilo was left with his food bowls and his owners told us his name and left a note, show they cared about him, but we would always urge anyone needing to give up their dog to contact us, however difficult

“That way we can find out as much as possible about the dog which helps us find them their ideal home as quickly as possible, and of course it means we can avoid unnecessary suffering and distress to the dog.”

The Dogs Trust are seeking an adult only home where he is the only dog and with no visiting children.

If you're interested and fit the description of the ideal owner, you can find Kilo at

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