Travis Scott fan left with footprint on her face from deadly Astroworld stampede

A Travis Scott fan has been left with the imprint of a boot on her cheek after the deadly crush at last Friday’s Astroworld festival.

The rapper has offered to cover the costs of the funerals for the eight victims of the concert disaster, but some 300 other people have been left with injuries in the devastating crush.

Sarah Alvarez-Galindo says that she was pushed over as the crowd surged out of control, and fell to the ground in Houstons NRG Park, where the festival was being held.

As panicked fans moved forward, Sarah was trampled and the 23-year-old has now been left with the distinct imprint of a boot on her face.

Sarah told The Sun that someone fell backward onto her, knocking her to the ground, and she was unable to get back up because of the melée.

“I thought I was going to f***ing die,” she said, adding that her body felt like it was “on fire” from the dozens of people stepping on her.

She was helpless on the ground for at least two minutes.

“It wasn’t until a few guys started screaming ‘there’s a body on the floor, there’s a body on the floor’ that anyone realised I needed help,” she said.

She was left with a sizeable bump on her head and the scuff of a boot-print on her cheek.

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Sarah had paid extra for “VIP” tickets in order to avoid what she described as Scott’s “aggressive” fanbase, but even that didn’t help her avoid the trouble.

Scott had continued to perform even as it became clear that a large number of people in the crowd had been injured.

One nine-year-old boy has been put into a medically induced coma after he sustained horrific injuries to his lungs, heart and brain in the deadly crush.

Treston Blount had his young son Ezra sitting on his shoulders – but when the panic started Treston was crushed and unable to breathe. When he passed out, the boy dropped to the ground and was trampled by the crowd.

The Blount family has now engaged Florida lawyer Ben Crump to help them secure damages.

The lawsuit is one of over a dozen separate legal actions filed by injured attendees against Scott and concert promoters Live Nation Entertainment.

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