‘Trump landslide!’ Poll backs US President to defy polls and return to White House

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Mr Trump has embarked on a final two-day sprint of campaigning across the battleground states of the 2020 election in a dramatic bid for a come-from-behind victory over Democrat Joe Biden.

Let’s hope Americans vote like we did. Trump landslide

Express.co.uk reader

The Republican President was visiting states likely to prove pivotal in deciding if he will remain in the White House for four more years or whether he will become the first president since George HW Bush in 1992 to fail to secure a second term.

Mr Biden’s national lead over the Republican President has stayed relatively steady in recent months as the public health crisis over coronavirus has persisted.

The US latest polls show him ahead by 51 percent to 43 percent.

But an exclusive Express.co.uk poll found 83 percent (1,833 people) thought Mr Trump would emerge victorious in the race for the White House.

Just 14 percent (338 people) thought Mr Biden would be voted in on Tuesday while 3 percent (58 people) said they didn’t know.

A total of 2,229 people took part in the online poll which ran from 9am until 5pm on Sunday November 1.

One reader said: “Let’s hope Americans vote like we did. Trump landslide.”

Another said: “Trump has the silent majority. They come out to put the X in the box.

“Who shouts loudest doesn’t always win.”

Another reader said: “Wasn’t Hilary in the lead in the polls? Wasn’t Remain in the lead in the polls?”

And another said: “Looking forward to another Trump victory and watching the utter dismay amoungst the EU dictators.”

Mr Trump is still close to Mr Biden in enough state battlegrounds to give him the 270 state Electoral College votes needed to win a second term.

Mr Biden, who has made Mr Trump’s response to the pandemic the central theme of his candidacy, was campaigning today in Pennsylvania, a state that may well decide the winner of the election.

Mr Trumps is staging 10 rallies – five today and five tomorrow – making it the campaign’s busiest stretch.

He aims to generate enough momentum to drive an overwhelming turnout by his supporters on Tuesday.

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But some Republicans are pessimistic about his chances, believing he has too many states where his back is up against the wall.

They also worry that the 90 million who have cast ballots early suggest a wave building against the president.

The Trump campaign team believes polls undersell the Republican’s level of support, arguing many of his backers do not want to admit as much to pollsters and that, thanks to a strong Republican get-out-the-vote effort, their man will win.

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