Twin sisters, 4, choke to death after piano candle catches fire at commune

Two twin girls aged just four have tragically died after a candle set the room they were staying in alight.

The disaster unfolded at a commune west of Byron Bay, Australia, as the sisters visited their dad.

As the pair slept, a fire quickly engulfed the room and they inhaled smoke – despite desperate emergency calls for help, reports The Mirror.

The woman who made the early Sunday morning call reportedly said: “Hurry, the babies can’t breathe” as she told paramedics to come quickly to the Nunkeri Multi Occupancy commune in New South Wales.

Although brave emergency services raced to the scene at around 3am and treated the sisters on location, they couldn’t be saved.

The girls’ dad is said to be devastated by the traumatising incident.

A neighbour told the Daily Telegraph: "I'm told the father is in a bad state. He blames himself. He's really shaken up.

"I heard a fire engine go off around 3am and knew something was wrong, it's quiet around here, we don't get sirens going off."

Cops are now investigating whether a candle on top of the piano was lit throughout the night.

They said the sisters were asleep “fairly close” to the wax.

The property – which was undamaged in the incident – makes up a 20-home commune in the Byron Bay.

It has been there for three decades and has 100 acres of farmland.

Tweed-Byron Police District commander Superintendent Dave Roptell said: “The people at the scene obviously went in to check and saw what they saw and police were called.

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“It's unbelievably devastating to see… anyone die in these circumstances. But two four-year-old females, it's just a tragic set of circumstances.”

Although officials are yet to confirm the official cause of the blaze, top investigators will stay at the scene until the probe is complete.

The distraught community has gathered to lay flowers in remembrance of the girls and neighbours have laid flowers around the area.

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