UK hot weather forecast: Bermuda heat to hit Britain with tropical heatwave in days – maps

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A huge Azores High pressure system–also known as the ‘Bermuda High’– is poised to engulf Britain this week. Temperatures will rocket into the mid- to high-20Cs through the coming days, pushing 35C by the middle of July.

Some weather models have hit overdrive touting temperatures more typical for the mid-Sahara than a British summer, although this has been blamed on a glitch.

Britain could, however, be about to bake in the hottest and most prolonged spell of summer so far.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “We are about to see a period of very warm weather which could hold out for seven to ten days and bring a major heatwave to Britain.

“By the middle of the month it would not be out of the question for the odd spot to hit 35C.

“In the meantime, we expect temperatures to start rising into the mid- to high-20Cs, and these will be sustained through the next week or so.

“The driver for the hot weather will be the Azores High stretching into Britain from the Atlantic, and this is also known as the ‘Bermuda High’.”

Although computer error is blamed for exaggerated temperature predictions, forecasters say 40C may be a not-too-distant possibility.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “With climate change on the scale we are seeing, these types of outcomes will become more common, and it won’t be too long before we face the real risk of seeing these types of temperatures.

“It is very unlikely that we will see 40C by the middle of the month, and this prediction is what is called an ‘outlier’.”

Britain will warm up with this week as blue skies and sunshine kick start a long spell of dry summer heat.

Mr Dale, author of Weather Or Not? said: “We are looking at the Azores High bringing a spell of very warm weather, especially after the weekend as we head towards mid-month.

“By the end of this week we expect to see temperatures in the mid-to high-20Cs, but next week they will rise even higher.

“There is a chance we could see 30C somewhere before the middle of July.”

Bookies have taken the axe to the odds on weather records melting with temperatures poised to rocket higher than in Hawaii, Honolulu, and Ibiza.

Coral is offering 6-4 from 3-1 on this summer beating the highest UK temperature of 38.7C.

It is odds-on at 1-2 from 5-4 on a hosepipe ban and 7-4 for a pavement-melting 40C before the end of the year.

Spokesman John Hill said: “Temperatures are set to soar as the month progresses, and our betting suggests we may even be set for the UK’s highest temperature in history, breaking the previous record which was set in 2019.

“With a lot of dry weather on its way, we have also slashed the odds on the UK imposing a hosepipe ban this summer.”

While most of the UK will parch over the next couple of weeks, northern regions may get the odd shower.

Daniel Rudman, Met Office deputy chief forecaster said: “We anticipate that the area of high pressure currently over the Azores will increasingly extend towards the Southwest of the UK.

“This will lead to leading to a good deal of warmer and mostly dry weather, especially across the south, although it may also bring cloud and rain into the northwest at times.”

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