UK storm alert: ‘Ashes of US hurricane’ to batter Britain – weather forecast ‘not pretty

Weather: Met Office predicts cloud cover across UK

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The UK has been experiencing a dry spell for weeks that was brought in by the high pressure that sat above the country. The weather pattern, known as an Omega Block, kept late August calm and tranquil by acting as a buffer for low pressure systems coming across from Europe and the Atlantic. That, however, is now set to change according to Jim Dale, a senior forecaster at British Weather, who warned in a fortnight UK’s weather will not be “very pretty” as the Omega Block “will eventually break down”.

Mr Dale told “There are big implications of this weather that we’re having now. There always will be.

“If we’re having a settled spell like this you can bank on the fact that the second half of September will end up more stormy and we’ll pay for it in some shape or form.“

The forecaster continued: “It’s very often the case that when you come out of a drought that you come out with venom and it’s hurricane season.“

Mr Dale pointed to the hurricane season currently taking place in America with a devastating effect.

He suggested that at some point towards the end of the storm season, which tends to be around October, some of those hurricanes might make their way towards Britain.

However, he stressed that by the time they get to the UK they will only be “ex-hurricanes”.

Mr Dale said: “This doesn’t, of course, mean that we are going to see hurricanes, but hurricanes are happening on the other side of the Atlantic at the moment.

“They will happen a little bit more as we go through September.

“They will deepen and you will get a bigger one that will eventually break down the Omega Block that we’ve got.”

The forecaster added: “And that essentially will mean that we don’t end up with a hurricane but we end up with the ashes of the hurricane, low pressure centres, deep low, probably a lot of wind and a lot of rain.

“So make the most of this weather, that’s what I’d say to people because after the next 14 days I don’t think it’ll be very pretty.”

The Met Office forecast for the period between September 15 and September 29 echoes Mr Dale’s predictions.

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It says that despite the confidence in the period being low because of the hurricane season, the evidence points towards the unsettled theme being likely to continue through the middle of the month.

The forecast said: “Confidence is relatively low during this period, as is usual for September, in part due to tropical storm activity across the Atlantic, which can significantly affect weather at the mid-latitudes.

“Currently, the evidence points towards the unsettled theme being likely to continue through the middle of the month, with a weak indication of possible drier conditions late in September.”

The Met Office added: “Therefore, rainfall is expected to be above average at first, with the chance of it easing and trending towards or drier than average later.

“Following this pattern, temperatures are expected to fluctuate around average in the middle of the month, with some occasional warm spells – these more likely in the southeast, and perhaps more widely towards the end of the month.”

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