UK wet weather warning: Britain braced for FLOODS as rain lashes down in coastal gales

BBC Weather forecasts disruptive conditions across Europe

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According to meteorologists, this week’s cold front of wet weather brings with it the risk of localised floods in much of the country, as October starts with autumnal weather. Manchester, Liverpool and motorways in the north of England have already experienced issues with heavy downpours and floods on Thursday.

Dan Stroud, from the Met Office, told “During the course of Saturday afternoon cloud increasing from the SW with a spell of persistent and at times heavy rain likely to move northeast across the UK.

“Winds strengthening in the south and east late Saturday afternoon and evening with coastal gales, gusting to 60-70mph along the south coast in places.

“The area of organised cloud and rain, locally heavy is expected to clear north and east on Sunday but may persist across the far northeast of Scotland for much of the day where it will remain windy for much of the day, again with coastal gales.”

He added most of the UK “should see a mixture of sunshine and showers” following the wet spell, but “with a risk of thunder”.

Mr Stroud also “noted that confidence in the detail is not high at the moment”.

Mary Gilbert, of AccuWeather, also told “Even before the weekend’s cold front, this week is forecast to become very active across the UK.

“A potent storm is forecast to push Ireland and the UK late this week and usher in periods of strong to near-gale-force winds.

“Winds of this level can be locally damaging in nature and there is the potential for tree damage and power outages.

“Periods of heavy rain can also accompany these gusty winds.

“Any areas caught under a deluge may encounter localized flooding issues, especially in low-lying or poor drainage areas.”

Towards the end of Thursday, a western front of Atlantic pressure is set to push rains up to 10mm an hour over the UK.

Northern Ireland, Scotland, northwest England and Wales are set to be soaked overnight, with Cardiff seeing the worst of the weather.

By 6am on Friday, the Atlantic wet front will have pushed past Wales and strike across southwest England to the midlands, with Glasgow seeing rains up to 5mm an hour.

Following a wet morning, Friday will see drier weather for much of the UK, with lighter spells remaining in the northern and west coast of Scotland.

However, midday on Saturday sees a deluge of rain strike the south of England and Wales with rainfall raining between 2mm to 10mm an hour, with Plymouth and Bournemouth the worst affected.

By 6pm according to maps from WXCharts, the wet front will push north through to the midlands and north of England, with Belfast also hit by 3mm an hour of rain, and Manchester seeing a heavy spell of 10mm an hour.

Overnight, the heaviest of the rainfall will settle in Scotland and northeast England, while another southern spell of rain soaks London and the south east,

Wet conditions are expected to clear by Sunday, before a milder spell of rain takes hold throughout the first week of October.

It comes as Manchester experienced flash floods on Thursday, with a heavy downpour of rain closing off an M60 slip road.

A tweet from Highways North West has said: “The M60 anticlockwise exit slip road at J17 (Manchester, Prestwich, Whitefield, A56) is currently CLOSED due to flooding in the carriageway.

“Traffic officers are currently at scene, maintenance crews are on their way to the area to assist.”

Shoppers were also unable to leave Tesco in Failsworth due to the downpours.

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