UK’s first transgender parents want to have a second baby when lockdown ends

The UK’s first transgender parents have said they would like to give their daughter a sibling after lockdown.

Hannah and Jake Graf made headlines last year after they publicly announced they were expecting their first child together.

The couple, who are both transgender, used a surrogate and an unknown sperm donor to have their child, and little Millie was born nine months later in April 2020.

Now, the pair have said they'd like to have a second baby and are willing to go through the process as soon as lockdown is over.

Hannah told WalesOnline their amazing" surrogate has "very kindly offered to try and do it again," so they hope for "good news later in 2021".

She said: "We’ve always said we wanted to get a little sibling for Millie and it's something that we are going to try and attempt when we're allowed to in the current lockdown rules.

"We don’t know how it’s going to go, but our amazing surrogate has very kindly offered to try and do it again. Maybe there will be some good news later in 2021."

Jake and Hannah described their first year of parenthood as "an absolute dream," despite having to go through it in lockdown, limiting the amount of time they could spend with family and friends.

Millie's doting dad said: "We spent a lot of time last year surrounded by flowers, staring at her in awe. It was magic.

"Having Millie has been an absolute dream. The last nine months have been amazing. It's something that I never thought would happen to me, and I don't think Hannah thought it would happen to her either."

Hannah and Jake, who married in 2018, had feared they would never become parents and ended up speaking out about the process through a Channel 4 documentary Our Baby: A Modern Miracle.

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The parents admitted that they were nervous when the show aired as "trans people and surrogacy are two things people have a lot of opinion on" but added that their daughter got "love and messages from around the world".

Jake said: "That to us means the world because we grew up in a place and a time where we thought that being trans meant we would never be loved, never have a relationship and we'd certainly never be a little family like this."

Hannah added: "We need to find more unity. There’s been a real effort by people in our community and outside the community to sew some divisions so that there are no similarities between trans people and LGB people, which is definitely not true.

"As long as we keep seeing and hearing real authentic stories about LGBT+ people then we’ll start to learn how diverse we are."

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