UKs worst KFC is disgusting dump with only 1.5 star rating on TripAdvisor

No-one expects Michelin star cookery from a fast food joint, but even regular KFC customers say that the chain’s Northwich branch is “the worst in the UK”.

On Trip Advisor, the chicken joint has a whopping 175 ‘terrible’ ratings against just 11 ‘Excellent’.

One especially brutal review from a customer that was clearly some sort of gravy connoisseur read: “This KFC is the most revolting KFC ever.

“The staff are always unclean: clumpy gravy… wrong orders. Every time we complained [we were] told by the member of staff that he had just started his shift but had dried gravy all down his shirt, and had really greasy hair which he ran his hands through and grabbed our chicken .

“We ordered 2 gravy boxes that had no gravy in them, just cold greasy chicken – never ever again!”

ChesterLive’s Jonathan Blackburn took his courage in both hands and taste-tested the much-maligned KFC’s fare.

He wasn’t massively impressed by the prices: “£4.99 for a vegan burger, it doesn't come with chips,” he said – noting that they didn’t even have any lettuce for his plant-based snack due to a “supply shortage”.

He says he also paid £5.39 for “a bag of chicken and a tiny bag of chips”.

And the chicken was… not great.

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Biting into the “tasteless” chicken, Jonathan describes how after “a crack of the dry batter, out gushes a torrent of liquid fat.

"The chicken uses my mouth as some sort of fat fryer drip-tray as I struggle to contain the oil slick – the environmental disaster ready to pour onto my scarf”.

He vows never to return. And he’s not alone.

“We will have to be starving before we go back there again,” wrote one disappointed TripAdvisor reviewer. Another said “Chips were barely warm, and the chicken was greasy and pink. No better place for it than the bin”.

The staff came in for particular criticism: "The food is terrible, the staff scruffy , unkempt [with] greasy hair and the dining area is always filthy," said another reviewer. "I would advise anyone to avoid this dump".

One brave reviewer did give KFC Northwich a second chance: “Quite simply the worst meal I’ve had. Was out to give this KFC another try after relentlessly poor food, although clearly nothing’s changed after tasting their greasy fag ash chicken”.

The Daily Star contacted KFC's press office for a comment on this story but has not as yet received a response.

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