US election: Trump ‘congratulates’ his country, doesn’t mention concession

US President Donald Trump has made a brief statement from the White House, pointing out advances in Covid vaccines and hailing his country.

The statement, less than two minutes long, made no mention of President-elect Joe Biden and did not formally concede.

“I’m thrilled with what’s happening with the vaccine,” a flat-toned Trump said. “I think people are acknowledging that.”

Trump also referred to the Dow Jones Index which measures the stock performance of 30 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States.

“The stock market just broke in 30,000… a sacred number.”

In an apparent concession, Trump congratulated his administration and also the people of the United States.

“I just want to congratulate the people of this country because there are no people like you.”

Biden takes Pennsylvania, begins transition

Democrat Joe Biden was certified Tuesday as winner of the presidential election in Pennsylvania, culminating three weeks of vote counting and a string of failed legal challenges by Trump.

Democratic Governor Tom Wolf first disclosed in a tweet that the Department of State had certified the vote count for president and vice-president.

The state result underscored the end of the fight for Trump, giving Biden its haul of 20 electoral votes, put him over the 270 needed and led the Associated Press to declare him the President-elect four days after Election Day. Biden has collected 306 overall electoral votes to Trump’s 232.

The federal government on Monday recognised Biden as the “apparent winner” of the national presidential contest.

Next, President-elect Joe Biden is expected to introduce his national security team to the nation as he taps Obama administration alumni and other public-service veterans, signaling a shift from the Trump administration’s “America First” policies and a return to US global engagement.

Members of that team are slated to join Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris in person in Wilmington, Delaware, on Tuesday afternoon, to deliver their first remarks as Biden’s nominees. Among them is former Secretary of State John Kerry,who will take the lead on climate change. – Additional reporting from Associated Press.

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