Utterly superficial Macron slated after cringe photoshoot channelling inner Zelensky

Macron and Putin table meeting mocked by hosts

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The French President was pictured wearing a hoodie bearing the logo of an elite parachute unit. The images are reminiscent of Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, who has been pictured in khaki tracksuit bottoms and hoodies since the war in Ukraine began.

Reacting to the photos on Twitter, Tanvi Madan, author of ‘Fateful Triangle: How China Shaped US-India Relations During the Cold War’, said: “Look, I’m not going to complain about Macron channelling his inner Zelenskyy.

“I’m also going to refrain from using terms like diploeyecandy.

“But just sayin’ that a female leader who pulled something like this would likely be judged pretty harshly.”

Mr Zelensky has seen his approval ratings improve from 32 percent in November 2021 to 91 percent in February 2022.

He has received praise for his heroic decision to remain in Kyiv, despite being offered an evacuation.

The Ukrainian president refused to leave Kyiv, saying: “I need ammunition, not a ride.”

One Twitter user suggested that Mr Macron may be trying to capitalise on Mr Zelensky’s popularity, ahead of the French election next month.

Mrs Tinoyb wrote: “Make no mistake, it is all about communicating an image.

“Macron has only one thing in mind: the French presidential election next month.”

Other social media users hit out at the French leader, calling the pictures “cringe” and “embarrassing”.

A user nicknamed “HighRisk Mouse”, wrote: “Macron cosplaying War Hero in his palace. Cringe.”

Another, called Cyclebabble agreed, writing: “Utterly superficial.

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“Macron looks slightly daft and lightweight compared to the real deal.”

A third user, GYJohnny wrote: “How embarrassing”, while Gordon Bennett said: “Pretty feeble, isn’t it?”

A fifth, nicknamed Twang described the French leader as “ridiculous”.

The polls for the French election open on April 10.

Mr Macron declared his candidacy for the election on March 3 and is now firmly ahead in the polls.

The latest polling figures from Harris Interactive on March 9 saw Mr Macron with 30.5 percent support.

In second place was far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, with 18.5 percent support.

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