WAGs, scandals and lock-ins – footballers life inside the Golden Triangle

Brasingamens in Alderley Edge was one of the most notorious nightspots in Cheshire's 'Golden Triangle' in the late 90s and early noughties, hosting WAG fashion shows, champagne fuelled footballer stag dos and celebrations for the rich and famous.

But amongst the lavish celeb parties, the bar had its fair share of scandals too.

Also known as The Braz, the bar gained popularity when Premier League footballers were more influential than rock stars.

Scott Hannah was the manager of the Braz from 2000 to 2006, tasked with the job of providing the best possible time for the super-rich and super-famous.

Scott told Manchester Evening News: "I grew up with family who had run Manchester clubs, but when I came out here, it felt like home.

"I felt like I belonged here, I understood what the clientele wanted.

"They wanted big nights, somewhere safe and good service – they wanted a community in a club and they had that at the Braz."

Scott claimed that his guests could easily be split into three distinctive groups.

Alderley Edge locals, wealthy individuals who thought they owned everything and footballers, he claimed.

"And then you'd get the girls who wanted to meet those different groups of people," he added.

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During Scott's time at the club, the door policy was over-25s only and had an extremely "strict" dress code of no sportswear, no caps and no denim.

Sometimes Scott would go to extra lengths to make sure that his clientele looked smart.

He claimed that he kept a wardrobe in his office so a customer, who was part of a wealthy family, could get changed into something smart as he always turned up in "scruffs".

"Then on the Monday he'd bring the clothes back all dry cleaned," he said.

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Some of the craziest parties at the bar included WAG fashion shows attended by Coleen Rooney, the lavish stag do football agent Dave Gardner with all his football friends, like David Beckham.

The bar also hosted music after parties and one was even attended by Pharrell Williams.

Scott recalled the time a giant yacht parked outside the bar for a fashion show, which brought traffic to a halt throughout the village.

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The central location of The Braz on the main London Road through the village began to constantly catch the eye of the police.

In 2005, the bar became strictly VIP and the general public were no longer able to attend, no matter how glammed up they were.

The bar launched a membership scheme costing between £500 all the way up to £5,000 a year – the expensive model secured you a table in the VIP area with a certain amount of champagne per year.

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