Well below freezing! BBC Weather: Brits warned as temperatures drop to -7C

BBC Weather: Temperatures set to drop

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Matt Taylor encouraged Brits to prepare for a major temperature drop this weekend. Temperatures are expected to drop across much of England and Wales but in other parts of the country, in places like Scotland, temperatures will be above freezing. Mr Taylor also explained that the fog and cold from the beginning of the week is set to become isolated as large cloud moves across the country. There have been no weather warning alerts issued from the UK Met Office.

Mr Taylor said: “It is pretty chilly for some, not everyone though this morning.

“There are a few differences around the country, whilst most of us will be dry again that’s the common theme.

“To the North and West, we’re starting to see a little bit more on the way of cloud spreading off the Atlantic.

“And that is having a bit of an impact on the temperatures this morning.

Mr Taylor added: “So if you’re in parts of Scotland, Nothern Ireland and North-West England we are well above freezing temperatures.

“At around six to eight degrees there Blackpool, Sumber and Shetland.

“But notice across much of England, also Wales are well below freezing.

“Coldest at the moment is around the Wallingford area, parts of Oxfordshire down to around minus seven.

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Mr Taylor added: “You can see those clearer skies in the South and East, that’s going to be the way through the day.

“Another day of sparkling sunshine, blue skies overhead.

“Bit more cloud though, still across these Western areas and some of that will drift its way southwards across the rest of Wales, Midlands and into parts of Southern England through the afternoon.

“That will stop the temperature from lifting too much, but a big turnaround from this morning by up to six or seven degrees, not far off from where we should be at this stage in January.


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Mr Taylor added: Staying mildest towards the North of Scotland, wet tonight with a bit of a breeze,

“We’ll start to see some outbreaks of rain push in, thicker cloud working its way southwards.

“You’ll also notice elsewhere more cloud on the chart, so the frost tonight will be a little bit more limited.

“Most likely across some Southern areas and Eastern areas, but even with it temperatures nowhere near as low as they were through the night just gone.

“Staying mild across the North and West of Scotland, which takes us into the weekend, which once again will stay dry.

“The frost and fog by night is just going to become fairly isolated as that cloud continues to increase across the country.”

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