Woman, 22, kidnapped and tortured date for 24 hours in sick ransom scheme

A woman has been accused of kidnap and attempted murder after allegedly luring a date to her New York City flat and torturing him for hours.

The 24-year-old victim had arranged to meet Valerie Rosario, 22, at her Bronx apartment after meeting her on Instagram on February 7 this year.

However, when he arrived he was savagely set upon by three men, who "pistol-whipped him before stripping him naked".

Prosecutors then claim that Rosario and her three alleged accomplices “placed him in a bathtub, poured flammable substances on him, and burned him with a flame.”

According to court documents, the sick group also tormented the man with a knife, striking him “about the legs, back and body".

The New York Post reports that this gruesome torture allegedly went on for hours before the man was taken to a new location.

Whilst there, the victim’s brother received a terrifying FaceTime call showing him being repeatedly cut with a knife as his kidnappers demanded ransom.

The court document states that the men told his brother that unless they received $100,000 (£76,700) they would "kill him".

Eventually, police officers were able to locate one of the alleged kidnappers, Javier Vargas, who was found sitting in a van twirling a knife.

The victim was found in the back of the vehicle unconscious, wrapped in a blanket and with tape covering his mouth.

He was then treated at a hospital for his injuries which included multiple burns and stab wounds to his face, body, back and legs.

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Rosario was swiftly apprehended and has been remanded in custody with Assistant District Attorney Andrew Kluger requesting that she be held without bail.

At the pre-trial hearing Judge Soma Syed cited the seriousness of the charges against Rosario and remanded her into custody.

The case is expected to be presented before a grand jury today (Tuesday, March 15).

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