Woman claims she was repeatedly raped by devil doctor as 11-year-old

An anorexic 11-year-old girl was locked in a dark room and routinely sexually abused by her doctor, according to a lawsuit.

Susan Kryhoski, 40, alleged that during her time at the Babies Hospital in Manhattan, Dr Joseph Silverman confined her to an isolated room where he would rape her.

Ms Kryhoski told American news outlet PIX11: “What he told me was that he was performing a medical procedure that would ensure I could have children later on in life. It was rape."

The alleged victim was admitted to the facility, which is part of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, in 1992 because she was considered underweight for her height, at 86lbs (6st 1oz).

During that time, Ms Kryhoski claims the doctor would abuse her every week for more than two months.

She said she was kept in a room with a metal door and a small window that had a curtain to block the view inside, was not allowed to interact with other children and her calls to her parents were monitored.

Ms Kryhoski added: "He told me that if I told anyone, I would never see my parents ever again."

Almost 30 years later, Ms Kryhoski is suing NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital for the alleged assaults under the New York Child Victims Act.

Silverman died in 2012, however under the act victims of childhood sexual abuse can file lawsuits in decades-old cases.

Ms Kryhoski, who has 10-year-old twins, is also suing unknown nurses and doctors who she claimed ignored warning signs.

She claims she even decorated her bedroom with drawings of the doctor portrayed as a horned monster, alongside words such as "devil", "disgusting", "monster", "gross", and "evil", but nurses ripped the pictures down.

Gibbs Law Group attorney, Karen Barth Menzies, added: "Nobody questioned him even when red flags were coming up.

"Don't wonder why, don't say anything, when a doctor is in the room with an 11-year-old girl, by himself with the door closed."

Ms Kryhoski was eventually checked out of the hospital by her parents, but she struggled to adapt to normal life.

She explained: "A path of self-harm, of suicide attempts.

"I truly didn't feel like a sixth-grader anymore, I didn't feel like an 11-year-old anymore."

Shockingly, Ms Kryhoski's lawyers have discovered another lawsuit that was filed last year by another one of Silverman's patients who was 15 when she allegedly contracted gonorrhoea from 'sexual contact' with the doctor in 1978.

The hospital has not commented on the Ms Kryhoski's lawsuit.

Silverman’s estate has said in court documents that it is not legally culpable for the doctor’s alleged misconduct.

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