Woman electrocuted while hoovering her lawn was saved by £30 Puma sliders

A woman has been saved by her £30 Puma sliders after suffering an electric shock while hoovering her lawn.

Kerry Tattersley, 36, was in the middle of vacuuming her Astroturf when she shockingly got the fright of her life when by trying to take out the extension lead, she accidentally touched a live current which shocked her and sent her flying into a wall nearby.

The Halifax resident spoke to Yorkshire Live on the incident and just what the sensation of being electrocuted is really like.

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She said: "I was in my garden vacuuming my artificial grass and my extension lead was plugged in too. I had finished vacuuming the grass and went to unplug the extension and the back plastic bit must have been loose.

"I didn't know and I grabbed it and it fell off while I had hold of the plug and I got electrocuted and I got flung back into my wall.

"The pain was like a dull ache and a massive tingle through my body and it was like electricity going through my arms.

"I was running up and down my kitchen. My arms were shaking, but I couldn't stop them from shaking either. It was like I had no control over them. It was like an eight out of 10 pain."

After getting shocked, Kerry started experiencing shortness of breath which prompted her friend to call the hospital.

Kerry said: "I was on the phone to my friend and she said I needed to ring the hospital but I said 'I'll be fine'.

"But I started to breathe a little funny like losing my breath so she said 'well ring 111 if you don't want to phone the hospital, just get some advice'.

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"So, I did, and the operator said for me to stay where I am, and an ambulance is coming for me and for me to go get my daughter from bed just in case I go unconscious and what to do if I do."

After being taken to Calderdale Royal Hospital, Kerry received an electrocardiogram (ECG) and she explained how pivotal the role her £30 Puma trainers played in saving her life as they stopped the flow of electricity travelling through her body.

Kerry said: "The doctor asked what had happened then he explained about what happens when you get a nasty shock.

"He then said: 'Are those what you were wearing at the time?'

"I said 'yes', and he said, 'well you're lucky because they probably saved your life'. I was shocked, literally."


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