Woman engulfed in flames after being doused in hand gel and set alight in attack

A woman who doused herself with hand gel was set on fire by a bar worker in horrific scenes.

CCTV footage shows Juniele Rocha Silva Monteiro, 37, pouring a gallon bottle of highly flammable hand sanitiser over herself as she drunkenly dances around in a bar in Cotia, Brazil.

The mum-of-three is then seen squaring up to a woman at the bar, with the pair getting into a scuffle.

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The bar lady then suddenly gets out a lighter before trying to light the woman on fire, seemingly as punishment for her behaviour.

She is seen trying to light her one fire multiple times before handing the lighter to a second bar worker who sets light to a puddle of hand gel on the floor.

The puddle ignites immediately before shooting up Monteiro's legs and engulfing her entire body in flames.

In the process the bar lady is also set on fire and falls to the floor before Juniele runs in agony and crashes into her.

The footage ends with Juniele running into the bar, with her entire body still alight.

Firefighters were immediately called before the woman was was taken to Hospital das Clinias in Sao Paulo by air ambulance.

Her injuries from the attack were horrendous, with severe burns affecting 80% of her body.

She was also found to have had kidney and lung impairment.

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She was treated in intensive care for six days, but sadly succumbed to her injuries.

She had three children aged 18, 16, and four.

The woman responsible for the blaze, Amador, first told Military Police that Juniele had doused herself in alcohol gel while having a seizure.

Then, according to Amador, she had lit a cigarette and immediately caught fire.

The case was initially treated as a suicide attempt until security camera footage was handed to police, revealing the gruesome truth.

Amador, the woman who initially tried to light her on fire, has been arrested and remanded in custody while the woman who ignited the blaze, known as De Souza, still remains at large.

The two women are formally accused of aggravated murder.

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