Woman recalls scary near miss with notorious serial killer Fred West in car park

A woman living in Bristol has described a terrifying encounter that she claims saw her nearly abducted by infamous serial killer Fred West.

Together with his wife Rose, Fred West is known to have committed at least 12 murders between the 1960s and 80s in England.

After preying on young women, the couple were eventually arrested, before Fred later took his own life in prison.

Now, interviewed on ITV documentary, ‘Fred and Rose West – Reopened’, a woman who lived in Bristol at the time named Linda has opened up about a near miss she supposedly had with the murderer.

Linda remembered that the incident occurred in Spring 1987, when shortly after dropping her daughter off in school, she was certain that the notorious killer followed her in a car park.

“As I was coming towards this upper car park, I saw a figure. He was standing there with legs astride, leather jacket, dark curly hair”, she recalled.

“As I got to the end here, he started to walk towards me in a diagonal line.

“I was really scared. I thought, ‘I won’t run, I won’t meet his gaze’, my last thoughts were, ‘I’m not going to make it'."

But, Linda explained, she believes she was saved by a passer-by.

She continued: “And then all of a sudden, he veered off. And as I got to the car, I looked up and through the top of the car park, the way I’d just come, a young man was starting to walk down through.

“That young man, he’ll never know it, but I think he saved my life that day."

Although she clearly felt threatened at the time of the incident, Linda described how it was only when she saw Fred West appearing in a newspaper that she realised just how close she came to becoming another of his victims.

“I can remember it as being a Saturday morning and I saw his picture on the front page. It was instant recognition.

“It’s just a frightening prospect that he was out there."

The search for some of the West’s alleged victims continues to this day.

In May this year, the police dug up the floor of a café in Gloucester in an attempt to find missing Mary Bastholm, but no human remains were found.

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