Woman with fantasy of being killed during sex gave lover permission to do it

In October 1996, Sharon Lopatka and Robert "Bobby" Frederick Glass met in person for the first time.

The pair's secret love affair had been going on online for months as they exchanged over 900 emails about their darkest sexual desires after meeting in a pornographic chatroom.

Lopatka, 34, found Glass after she had posted messages in an online chatroom that said: "I kind of had a fascination with torturing till death."

Through these messages, including one posted to a group about necrophilia, Lopatka met multiple people with whom she discussed her fantasies about being tortured to death.

She even went to New Jersey to meet one of these men in person, but when he realised Lopatka seriously wanted someone to torture her until she died, he refused to help her fulfil her macabre fantasy.

Eventually, she found the man she was searching for in the form of Bobby Glass, a 45-year-old computer analyst.

Over the course of just six weeks, Lopatka and Glass exchanged hundreds of emails with one another, many of which were sexually graphic and violent.

Lopatka told him she wanted to be tortured to death, and she even asked him if he would be willing to fulfil her shocking fantasy.

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Glass agreed he would kill her, even telling Lopatka exactly how he would abuse her and end her life.

After communicating through online chat and email for a month and a half, the pair agreed that Lopatka would travel more than 400 miles from Maryland to North Carolina to meet Glass in person.

On October 13, 1996, Lopatka left the home she shared with her husband Victor in rural Maryland and drove her car to the train station in Baltimore, leaving a note that read: "If my body is never retrieved, don't worry: know that I'm at peace."

After three days, Lopatka's husband found his wife's letter, he contacted the police.

Law enforcement officials searched Lopatka's computer, and they discovered hundreds of disturbing messages she'd exchanged with Glass, including the ones in which they'd arranged their meeting.

Police surveilled Glass's home for a number of days in hopes of spotting Lopatka alive.

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However, when they didn't see the missing woman, a judge issued a search warrant on October 25, 1996.

Investigators found several alarming items inside Glass's trailer including indecent images of children, buried just feet from his home including his secret lover's rotting corpse.

Glass was charged with first-degree murder for her death.

However, the prosecution eventually changed this charge to voluntary manslaughter on account of Lopatka's consent to her own killing. Glass entered a guilty plea on January 27, 2000.

Glass also pleaded guilty to six counts relating to the indecent images.

He was sentenced to serve 36 to 53 months for killing Lopatka and 21 to 26 months for multiple counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. The killer died of a heart attack in 2002.

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